Car jack labor saving wrench

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Product Name: Car jack labor saving wrench
Ergonomic design, labor-saving. The slim handle conforms to the ergonomic design, and the reinforced ratchet head design is more robust and labor-saving.
Durable and anti-rust. Durable, strong structure, anti-rust. The wrench rod is tightly connected with the plastic handle, so it is firm and not easy to fall off.
Easy to use. The safe and labor-saving jack handle is simple and easy to use. Ideal for travel use and emergency wheel/tyre replacement. Both men and women can easily use it.
High Hardness and High Torque. It is forged with thick steel, heat treated as a whole, with high hardness, high torque, good toughness, strong and durable.
Suitable for motorcycles, family cars, SUV off-road vehicles, etc., not suitable for trucks and vans.


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