Six-layer faucet filter

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· Replace the filter to reduce the residual chlorine in the water and remove a large amount of impurities in the water.
· Internal organization-level processing to achieve rapid purification and hierarchical filtration effects.
· Reduce and control the water flow of the faucet, prevent splashing and save water.
· Filtered layer by layer to retain what the human body needs.
· Universal interface design, suitable for 99% round faucet, using PVA sleeve, soft and easy to install, not easy to fall off.
· Medical stone has the functions of mineralizing water quality, adsorbing impurities, adjusting pH, and softening water quality. It is a sterile, non-toxic, non-polluting water mineralizer.
· Six-layer filtration: PVA non-woven fabric, zeolite, medical stone, calcium sulfite, natural coconut shell activated carbon, PVA non-woven fabric.




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