Snap fasteners kit tool

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【Easy to Use】: No need for hammer. No need to make hole first. Just follow our videos and you can make what you want. After you install the snaps on the cloth you want. The snap will be won’t fall because the five sharp corner can make the snap steady, while other tools can’t do.

【DIY Practice】: If you’re not good at it or use it for the first time, we suggest that you can practice with a unwanted cloth.

【ATTENTION】:Please keep this products away from children to prevent inadvertent swallowed.

The front and back sides.
Preparation materials.
Put your paws on the flat of the clamp.
Claw outwards.
Put the male button on the hole of the clamp.
Back (have notch) outwards.
Just put the fabric in the pliers then pressure.


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200 sets (solid 100 sets + hollow 100 sets) + 1 tool, 200 sets (solid 100 sets + hollow 100 sets), Solid (200 sets of 10 colors), Hollow (200 sets of 10 colors)

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