Car heated seat cushion

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Car heated seat cushion
Voltage: 12V
Single size: 110*50cm
Our universal cushions fit almost any car and heat up in under 2 minutes to provide you with an instant soothing warmth!
Plug it into the vehicle’s standard cigarette lighter and feel it warm up immediately. Heating up to 65°C (150°F), it can be used as a car heater alternative or for extra warmth and coziness to relax stiff, sore muscles while on the road.

Temperature Control: Set Low/High temperatures for you and your passenger! All functions are remotely controlled using an included remote.
Easy Setup: Simply connect it to your vehicle’s 12 volt DC outlet and once your vehicle is running, the Heated Car Seat will begin to heat up.
Premium Fabric: Made of soft, breathable polyester material that is durable and very easy to clean.
Safe & Certified: UL approved and featuring fireproofed material and intelligent power thermal protection to ensure maximum safety.



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